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DIN 51517 PART 3, AGMA 9005-E02 (EP), US STEEL 224, DAVID BROWN S1.53.101(E), FLENDER INDUSTRIAL GEAR REV. 9 (2005)


ISO Viscosity Grades: 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460

OIL UK GEARLUBE SY-PAO is a range of fully synthetic high performance gear lubricants designed to operate in extreme conditions whilst maintaining optimum component and fluid life. They contain a carefully balanced, state-of-the-art additive system which is designed to protect against scuffing and reduce fatigue related failures caused by issues such as micro-pitting. Benefits of these high performance gear lubricants include reduced operating temperatures and energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and extended gear and bearing life.

Packaging Available:

20L, 25L, 60L, 200L, 208L, 1000L

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