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Oil UK Flushing Additive Concentrate is a blend of non-corrosive high flash point materials, completely soluble in oil, which has a high solvent action on gums and varnishes.

All thermal fluids are susceptible to oxidation even though the rate of oxidation is considerably retarded in those higher grade products (such as Oil UK Therm Oils) based on specially refined oils and incorporating the correct anti-oxidants. Mineral oil oxidation results in the formation of organic acids, alcohols, ketones and aldehydes most of which are soluble in the oil and increase its acidity and viscosity. In time, however, some of the above compounds form insoluble gums on heater coils, and sludge and varnish causing reduced performance in heat transfer systems.

Oil UK Flushing Additive Concentrate removes such oxidation products and quickly restores cleanliness, thermal stability and trouble-free operation

Best results are obtained by adding Oil UK Flushing Additive Concentrate to the system in the proportion of 5% of the system heat transfer fluid volume content, i.e. 50 litres of additive for every 1,000 litres of heat transfer fluid. In cases of very severe contamination, a stronger proportion of up to 10% is recommended.

The system should then be operated for 100-150 hours before draining and filling with new oil.

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