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Oil UK Director Phil Williams enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Mr Jassim Khalif Mahdi and his family and
staff during his recent visit to Iraq. Their company, Oil UK Official Distributor Al-Bederi have made a major
impact in their market during the past couple of years, and continue to enjoy strong growth in their
Lubricants business.

Phil was very impressed with how the people of Iraq have overcome the severe difficulties that they have
faced in recent year. Baghdad is a thriving, energetic and exciting city, full of good restaurants, shops and
modern shopping malls. There is good security everywhere and the sort of problems that used to be an
every-day occurrence are now a distant memory. Iraq is a proud nation and the people of Iraq deserve to
be highly congratulated for the way that they have bravely overcome huge adversity.

Mr Jassim and his team have done great work, already establishing Oil UK as one of the highest selling
brands in the region.

Congratulations go to Mr Jassim and his family and staff for a fantastic achievement!

The photo below shows Mr Jassim and his sons and staff at one of their Baghdad stores.

Mr Jassim and his sons and staff photo