Anglo-Max Super XHS 5W-30


OIL-UK SUPER XHS 5W-30 is a fully synthetic multigrade engine oil based on ultra-high quality synthetic base stocks and formulated with the very latest in advanced additive technology.  

OIL-UK SUPER XHS 5W-30 has been developed to provide outstanding performance in the most up to date vehicles, which by their advancement in design have necessitated the employment of lighter viscosity multigrade engine oils while at the same time demanding more from the lubricant in terms of component protection, film strength and oxidation stability. 

OIL-UK SUPER XHS 5W-30 responds to the demands of modern day motoring conditions by affording the highest level of performance and engine protection in the most severe conditions at both high and low ambient temperatures.


API: SM/ CF, ACEA: A3/B4, 

Volkswagen:  502.00/505.00, Mercedes Benz MB: 229.5, General Motors: LL-A-025, LL-B-025, BMW: Longlife-01, Longlife-98


Packaging Available:

1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 25L, 60L, 200L, 208L, 1000L


OIL-UK SUPER XHS 5W-30 can be used in many types of passenger cars (petrol or diesel) including high performance turbocharged vehicles. It should not be used in vehicles fitted with diesel particulate filters.  


  • Excellent high and low temperature performance
  • Exceptional long term anti-wear characteristics
  • Very high standard of engine cleanliness
  • Long lasting dispersant performance and corrosion protection
  • Excellent sludge control for stop-go city motoring as well as long distances
  • High temperature protection against ring sticking
  • Reduced oil consumption and lower emissions  




 Specific Gravity @15.6°C


 Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C

 11.3 cSt

 Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C

 67.0 cSt

 Viscosity Index


 CCS @ -30°C


 Flash Point COC


 TBN (mg KOH/g)


 Sulphated Ash (% w/w)