Oil UK UTTF 10W-30 is a modern Universal Tractor Transmission Oil for use in transmissions, final drives, hydraulics, and oil immersed brake systems. This product is manufactured from highly refined mineral oils and modern  to produce a specialised lubricant that meets the very latest and most severe transmission requirements. UTTF 10W-30 meets the demands of most agricultural transmission specifications and greatly reduces wet brake noise.
This product is not designed for use in engines. Available in red or undyed.



API GL-4, Allison C4, Caterpillar TO-2, John Deere JDM, J20C/D, Massey Ferguson CMS m1145, Case MS1207,MS1210, Case New Holland MAT 3525, Ford M2C86C,M2C134D,  Ford New HollaND FNHA-2-C-201.00, ZF TE-ML 03E,05F,06K,17E, Kubota UDT Fluid, VCE WB101

Competitor Application Equivalents:
BP Terrac Tractran 8, CASTROL Agro Powertrans, ESSO Torque Fluid, MOBIL Mobilfluid 424,
SHELL Donax TD, TEXACO Textran TDH, TOTAL Transm. MP