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High Performance Semi-Synthetic Synthetic Soluble Metalworking Fluid Designed for Extra-Long Sump Life Under Severe Operating Conditions

SOLCUT ULTRALIFE is a low mineral oil content high performance semi-synthetic soluble metalworking fluid that produces an ultra-stable translucent emulsion. This product has been designed to provide the maximum possible sump life, even in highly arduous operating conditions. SOLCUT ULTRALIFE is particularly low foaming in high pressure systems in soft water conditions, and the emulsion remains clean even in hard water. This formulation has been developed to cross all performance boundaries, and is based upon a unique performance enhancing additive combination working in perfect balanced synergy to enable use in extremely arduous applications. SOLCUT ULTRALIFE is an excellent choice for heavy duty applications where ultra-long sump life is a key consideration. 

SOLCUT ULTRALIFE X is another version of this product, designed especially for high pressure machining in very soft water conditions.


Packaging Available:

20L, 25L, 60L, 200L, 208L, 1000L

Datasheet: Click to Download