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OIL UK ULTRA-THERM is a superior quality, competitively priced heat transfer fluid with outstanding thermal stability, enabling increased change-out intervals, improved system efficiency and reduced costs.

ULTRA-THERM delivers substantial performance benefits over standard mineral oil based products such as Shell S2 and BP Transcal N etc. and provides superior protection against the premature oxidative breakdown that reduces oil life and creates the build-up of sludge and varnish deposits which reduce heat transfer efficiency and system safety.

In continuous high temperature international oil industry tests OIL UK ULTRA-THERM is shown to be up to three times more thermally and oxidative stable than standard mineral oil based heat transfer fluids.

This difference in thermal stability is demonstrated clearly in the severe ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) tests below which are used by the internationally to determine oxidation and thermal stability.

Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to 325°C