ATF Universal


Mercedes Benz 236.1, 236.7 ZF TE-ML 09, 11, 14, Dexron IID (GM 6137-M)

Ford Mercon    M2C-166H, M2C-138CJ,  Allison C-4,  Caterpillar TO-2, ZF TE-ML 09, 11, 14, TE-ML 09, 11, 14  



OIL UK ATF UNIVERSAL is a multipurpose fluid for automatic transmissions and power steering systems in passenger cars, vans, heavy duty commercial vehicles and construction plant.  ATF Universal provides optimum fluidity at very low temperatures and excellent viscosity retention at high temperatures ensuring continual lubrication of bearings and gears. Due to its strong oxidation resistance ATF Universal also reduces the formation of varnishes and gums on valves, valve bodies, governors, oil screens and other transmission components, and minimizes the formation of sludge in transmission oil pans and oil coolers. ATF Universal promotes smooth gear changes even in hostile operating conditions and prevents squawk. It has no objectionable odour and its red colour allows easy detection of leaks.


ATF Universal is recommended for the automatic transmissions of vehicles and construction plant built by leading European, US and Japanese manufacturers.


  • Suitable for all the majority of automatic transmission requirements
  • Suitable for use as a power steering fluid
  • Excellent Protection against wear
  • Low foaming 
  • Reduced gums and lacquers
  • High temperature stability
  • Provides ultimate component protection

Packaging Available:

1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 25L, 60L, 200L, 208L, 1000L