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Oil UK Super System Flush Concentrate is a non-corrosive high flash point additive which is completely soluble in heat transfer fluids.

This highly concentrated product has a high solvent action on gums and varnishes which have built up on internal surfaces of heat transfer systems due to oxidation and thermal degradation of thermal fluids during long term continuous high temperature operation.

gums, sludge and varnishes on internal surfaces and heater coils causing reduced system performance.

Oil UK Super System Flush Concentrate, when added to used and degraded thermal fluid prior to replacement, removes varnishes and contaminants and quickly restores system cleanliness, ensuring system efficiency and the avoidance of contamination of the new replacement fluid.

  • High flash point (100ºC) compared with many solvent cleaners
  • Suitable for use with thermal fluids manufactured from mineral oils and synthetic aromatics, such as Therminol 66 & 72
  • Exceptional solvent power for gums and varnishes
  • Dissolves small amounts (less than 1%) of water
  • Ease of application – No loss of production time
  • Restores full system efficiency.

Best results are obtained by adding Oil UK Super System Flush Concentrate to the current in-use thermal fluid in the proportion of 1% to 3% of the system heat transfer fluid volume content, depending on the level of contamination, i.e. 10 to 30 litres of additive for every 1,000 litres of heat transfer fluid. The system should then be operated for 100-150 hours before draining and filling with new oil.

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